Pinewood Derby Race Manager


Pinewood Derby Race Manager Is Shareware!
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"The Cadillac Of Pinewood Derby Software"

Pack 125, Naperville, IL

Realtime Race Display

Scoreboard -- Display On TV!


  • Computerized Electronic Race Timing

  • Millisecond Accuracy

  • Display Heat Results In Real Time

  • Instantly Display Final Results By Pack, Rank, and Den

  • Photoelectric Lane Sensors Tie Directly To Computer Using Simple Parallel Cable Interface

  • Software Screens Designed To Display On Large TV

  • Provides For "Dads" (Unlimited Division) Race

  • Provides For Late Entries

  • Register And Race Entire Pack Of 75 Scouts With No Arguments In Under Two Hours

  • On Screen Sensor Diagnostics

  • Each Scout Runs One Heat On Each Track Lane, So Everyone Races On All Lanes.  Lowest Cumulative Time Wins

  • Software Tracks Who Races Where And When

Final Results Display

Pick Any Radio Button To Display Final Results For That Classification!